Monday, September 30, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 20 Maker's Schedule, Manager Schedule

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I've almost always been on a manager's schedule, especially when I was in the recruitment industry. Things were interrupting me all the time, daily plans regularly get shifted out of necessity. You never know when that great candidate is finally going to return your call, or that hiring manager who was deemed missing in action by the team is actually alive and demands to know why isn't anyone hired yet... but I digress.

Attending Coding Dojo I have definitely been on a maker's schedule. Today was a prime example why the two different schedules conflict with each other. Morning lecture and warmup took about an hour(9-10am), 2 hour lecture on Git after lunch(1:30-3:30pm) and an hour special session at (4-5pm).

While that left us 4.5 hours of time to code I could barely get anything done after lunch. I was on a roll finally making head way on that damn pagination problem, but the chunks of time to get back in the programming mindset and knowing there was another sheduled lecture/meeting coming up was a pretty big distraction to me.

Today wasn't the norm, usually there isn't a lecture mid-day so there's more uninterrupted time.

Overall: The instructors have just added a Git section to the course. Always a great value when a consumer get more than what they were expecting. The school is continually improving and I'm happy to see them adding/modifying current materials.

Side note: Got a 10/10 for my Green Belt exam!! Totally crushed it like a boss! =D

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