Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 21 Pagination DONE!!!

Finally finished my pagination this morning!! Thanks to the help of my classmates Jeffrey, Juan, and Jerry! hmmm all of which starts with a Js.

Going over the assingment today in our afternoon lecture I also found out that this is the most advanced assignment we have in AJAX, even though it is listed as intermediate the pagination was added later which increased the difficulty level passed the current advanced assignment.

Going to finish my advanced AJAX tomorrow which involved allowing a user to post, edit, and delete notes. Then starting on OOP later in the day.

Overall: Project week is next week. We're given the option to catch up on courses if we're behind, move ahead in the course work, or doing a project. I'm most likely going to be catching up and moving ahead on class work during next week. We're suppose to have 2 projects done by the end, but I feel that having 1 great project is better than having 2 mediocore projects.

I had 2 projects in mind, both of which can probably be built out using what we have covered in the course. One is heavy on user inputted information so lots of tables for MySQL and the other utlizing APIs for most of the information.

Here's to a good start to October!

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