Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 16 and 17 AJAX ARGGGG

This is the first time I truly feel behind in the class. Wrapping my brain around how AJAX is processed. Today was suppose to be the last day of AJAX on the schedule (only 2 days total) and most people that finished it spent about a week. The tutorials that we're given didn't help much either. Some classmates told me that the instructors are redoing this part of the course so future students will be in better shape.

The scary thing is the next subject is OOP and we're only given 2 days for that as well. One of the people in my group has been on that section since last week. x_X. Not feeling the hope here.

Overall: This is a pretty depressing post, but it just means I have to put even more time in. I'm getting help from my classmates that are ahead and some of the are able to explain it better, luckily one of them is my roommate Jeff =). He just spent 30 minutes walking through the first AJAX assignment with me. Super nice guy! He definitely cleared up a lot of the procedures that was missing in the lessons.

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