Thursday, September 19, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 13 Connections / MySql

Finally finished part 1 of 3 for the forms. I had thought I finished 2 of 3, but was sadly mistaken. The way the videos are laid out has been more confusing than other sections. In this part I am finally going to be connecting the front-end to the databases. The assignment is transfer the information received from the registration page to the proper tables in database I set up so it can be used for a log in that will bring the user to a comment wall.

I was really excited when I thought I had completed part 2 and moved on to the final assignment. There I met with hours of confusion and being overwhelmed. I thought there were the no transition between making a regular form to creating the wall and I would have to figure everything out myself. A challenge I thought to myself, and I believed I was up for it. Well I had it wrong, for better or worse. I'm going to spend most of tomorrow learning how to connect the two and move on to the final assignment hopefully by the end of the day.

Overall: I strongly feel Coding Dojo needs to redo their videos and the way they are structured. While they contain the information that will get you through the assignment there is a lot of signs that they didn't plan the taping beforehand well enough. Not knowing where certain buttons are, correcting formating, and pointing out mistakes with diagrams for 10-20 seconds. These video tutorials is a staple of the course and more dedication to them is needed.

Having this library of videos and instruction is a huge plus in the future. All students will keep having access to them as they update information.

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