Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 11 Forms

Finished up my Fundamental PHP course which runs through the basics of programming (for loops, variables, functions, etc). I'm going on to learn about forms, specifically login forms. There is going to aspects of security in here since these are the ones that ask a user to register username/email/passwords. 

I also took the time to speak to some of the senior class at Coding Dojo. They're going to have their Demo Day by the end of next week! A few of them felt that there definitely isn't enough time to do everything they want. This mostly pertains to learning Rails and utilizing it in their projects. The course as it is now only cover Rails for 1 week and then the week after is used for personal project(s). Though a student did say that a few of his classmates are building their projects with Rails as a main component so it's like 2 weeks of Rails for them, but it's definitely a "do while learning" process. 

Overall: I'm glad I took the extra time this week to get ahead of the course lecture even if it is only a day or two. Knowing the limited amount of time we're going to have for projects I'm going to be spending more time on weekends. Goal is to finish the primary course work a week ahead of schedule to give myself another week to flesh out my project. While the backend work is necessary to make the program work the student I spoke with brought up a good point about UI. Backend tends to be under-appreciated. During the last Demo Day a lot of people really only took a minute or two testing the apps. UI plays a big part in keeping their attention. This should have been a no brainer, but when you're working so much on backend and the time it takes design takes a backseat. I have to start making my assignments look prettier, instead of a bare bones layout that just works, to keep up my CSS skills. Most likely utilize Twitter Bootstrap more. 

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