Monday, September 16, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 10 PHP

This week is going to be focused on PHP. I spent a most of the weekend coding and a bit a head of the schedule (probably about a day's worth).

Lectures covering PHP is very similar to JavaScript. The functions are mostly same. The things that drive me crazy is missing the '$' before variables. Over the weekend I wracked my brain for hours and finally asked my roommate for help. What do you know? It looked very similar to one of my first attempts, problem with that I left out the '$' when using it in my index x_X. Hours of trying different things and I ended up reverting back to something very close to what I had to begin with.

Overall: It's crazy to think how much a person's perspective can change over the course of doing a few assignments. After finishing 3-4 more exercises today I went back to a PHP exercise that only had CSS left. I ended up refactoring most of the code since it was so sloppy. And there were definitely signs of desperation with trying HTML tags where they didn't belong to get things to display right.

Off to bed now, and another day of coding awaits!

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