Friday, September 13, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 8

SQL Queries and Database Designs

Finished the required assignments on SQL queries. It was fairly straight forward when I got the logic down. There was one function that wasn't explained well on W3schools, the LIKE function. It is used when searching for a value in a column where that column has more than one value so setting an "=" will not return all the results. Thankfully a classmate worked on SQL queries in his recent position helped explain it.

LIKE "%text": will search for values before text.

LIKE "text%": will search for values after text.

LIKE "%text%": will search for values before and after text.

The last one is the most helpful if you don't know where "text" is placed in the column.

Database design / ERD is a lot tougher for me. I sat down with a different classmate that did database designs previously for an hour trying to wrap my head around it. Think I have most of it down where my diagrams can make sense now. Still gotta finish up the assignments for this portion.

Overall: I'm extrememly happy that I'm in an environment with people from different backgrounds. We all bring different sets of experience with us. Looking at the way they code is quite interesting too. Working through their thought process and seeing if there is something I would be better off adopting/incorporating when I code.

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