Friday, September 13, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 9 End of Week 2 / Yellow Belt Exam

Yellow Belt Exam!

Consisting of HTML / CSS / jQuery. ~4 hours to complete a web page replication. Definitely tough considering it took most of us 8 hours per web page replication in previous assignments. A good amount of the students got it done, unfortunately I was not one of them. Only had 2-3 more to do (floating unorder-lists, giving divs dimensions, and the like). I got stuck on one part for an hour and that just sucked away the time. Estimate another 10-15 minutes to complete it. It's pretty aggrevating to know you're at the final steps and just run out of time. Hopefully I completed enough to still pass since the remainder of the page were tasks that mirrored ones I already completed for the during the exam.

Overall: My code was pretty darn clean for the exam. I measured everything out and drew diagrams before starting the code and I think having that really help me design the page so boxes weren't horribly off in size and weren't colliding with other objects. I'm pretty happy to see how much I can accomplish in 4 hours now where it would have taken me twice the time a week ago.

I also want to start using in-line blocks more instead of relying on floats. I'm one of the few people in class that uses floats regulary and don't really have a problem with them. I find them faster than using in-blocks since I always have them set within certain divs. But it's always good to change it up and use different tools that are available to us.

Going to code for a good amount of this weekend. Finishing up my week's assignment and getting started on PHP in preparation for next week's course.

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