Monday, July 29, 2013

CodeAcademy HTML/CSS Track Completed!!

Finished the CodeAcademy HTML/CSS track tonight. This portion of my monthly goal is finished 2 days earlier than expected and now I'm onto JavaScript!

Mini Review: HTML/CSS vs. Ruby Track

This course was sloppy in the beginning. By this comment I mean that the html coding wasn't carried over from one exercise to the next for the first few lessons. This eventually gets corrected.

The big difference between the HTML/CSS track versus the Ruby track is that HTML/CSS we're given a lot of instruction so it was more like a guidebook. Ruby was more problem solving. The difference maybe the difference between front-end and back-end. Where the former is about design and how the user interacts with a website, while the latter is about how the website/application functions where the user doesn't see it.

Switching between these two tracks made me realize a truth, use it or lose it. Going back to the QA forums I don't even understand the answers I provided a month ago. The syntax memorization is just not there, but the thankfully the logic is. In the end I believe that is what matters more. A language only helps you complete the task and you can always pick another language to complete the same task. Now, the logic behind it is irreplacable. The way a programmer has to think is carried over no matter which language they choose to write in.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

CodeAcademy Ruby Track: Completed


This took much longer than I had originally thought. It took exactly 1 day over 2 months to complete the whole thing. A lot of the delay was due to the crushing defeat by the App Academy Challenge.

This event like most completed tasks or graduations in my life, it wasn't exciting in itself. I get more of a "so what's next?" feeling.

So for my upcoming goals:

  • Finish JavaScript track by end of July
  • Finish HTML/CSS track by 2nd week of August
Edit: going to flip those goals. HTML/CSS track before JavaScript (July 14, 2013)

One thing I did notice is that I'm not intimidated by new material. That overwhelming sensation is subsiding into more of a "Challenge Accepted!" reaction. 

I have a week vacation coming up soon. Gonna spend it playing tennis, lazying about, and more coding!! Until next time!