Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Year's Resolutions 2015

Didn't want to write this until I crushed some goals already.

  • Start volunteering / donating. Made a donation at the end of the year to Khan Academy. Now looking to start volunteering at places in SF. It's important to remember to give back. I've always been of the mindset that you have to help yourself before you can truly help others, more for optimization. I'm pretty lucky at the age of 25 to be fairly stable financially and decided it's time. I don't want to be a person that keeps saying "I need to do better before giving back" because that time will never come.
  • Do a stand up comedy show. This got pushed back for far too long, finally did it at Redwood City Underground last week. Woot! Even got some laughs =D
  • Deciding to move to a larger city. This one was pretty easy since my rent is up at the end of this month anyways. Signed the lease today, moving to SF, which I wasn't particulary happy about. Been in cities before (Boston/NYC), don't really take advantage of what it has to offer (don't drink so bars aren't a plus). But there should be lots to do and it's an easy way to force myself to be more active.
  • Six-pack, yea... vain, was so close several times, darn you school and actual jobs!! California now, no hibernation weight and work/life balance is pretty good. This year!!! Come on!!
  • Getting rid of car. Sending this back east next week. Was never one of those kids that needed a car when they turned legal driving age. Just a liability, and several accidents later...(worst asian ever!!...or most typcial asian ever!! you decide).
  • Build a mobile/web application. Putting this one off for way too long. This is more skill building than anything else. Job doesn't require it, but learning in itself is good, can't let that bootcamp money go to waste.
  • Dating, cause relationships are a thing.