Thursday, September 5, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 3

More CSS! And Group Assignment! 

So most of the class have finished their first and some their 2nd website replication. This morning we were suprised with a group assignment! Replicate a website page in about 1.5 hrs. Currently most of us have been taking ~6hrs to replicate each page. Each group had about 4-5 people so this was reasonable if all the work was divided.

Most of us came pretty close to replicating the webpage within the allotted time. The biggest challenge is when we put all the HTML and CSS together. For HTML if some forgot to close a tag it carried over to the rest of the code. With CSS some duplicate code caused things to mis-align and text to overflow.

Overall: I'm quite happy with how I'm progressing through this course. While the webpages we have to replicate is getting progressively harder the amount of time required stays relatively the same. Our instructor, Dexter, also built out the first webpage in 45 minutes to show us how he would do it. Going back I would be confident that it would take me about 45-60 minutes to replicate the first site from scratch now.

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