Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 22 Meetups and Hackathons

So we found out at the end of the day that we're going to be having a hackathon against the Seattle class next week. Suprise, we're doing it in JavaScript, so we have to learn JavaScript lol. Our instructors were making a course for it anyways and this will be a fun way to motivate students. The trash talking has already began from our northern brothers and it would be rude if we did not respond in kind ;) .

Additional news, signing up for Meetups. Two so far, the first will be in Mountain View to hopefully see Matz, creator of Ruby, speak. The second, a workshop for Ruby on Rails at the TapJoy location in San Francisco.

Overall: We're all starting to get into networking mode. Concentrating on our learning will always come first, but for those of us that are planning to stay networking is essential to land our first positions out of the bootcamp and can't be ignored.

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