Thursday, October 3, 2013

Coding Dojo Review: Day 23 OOP

Getting to the OOP section and understanding the workings of classes, private, protected, and public properties and methods.

I had some experience with this before going through the Codeacademy Ruby track. Can't wait to start using it large programs where its real strength comes out.

We are also presenting our application idea(s) to the class tomorrow. Listening to advise and requesting help for certain parts of the application if needed.

Overall: I think I have a pretty solid idea that I would like to make a web application and mobile application out of. Most likely going to start it a bit before the last week of the bootcamp and use next week catching up and start on Ruby. It's much more important to me to solidify my knowledge base of the current section and get a head start if possible after next week than to have a mediocore project that I might want to redo using another technology like Rails.

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