Monday, July 29, 2013

CodeAcademy HTML/CSS Track Completed!!

Finished the CodeAcademy HTML/CSS track tonight. This portion of my monthly goal is finished 2 days earlier than expected and now I'm onto JavaScript!

Mini Review: HTML/CSS vs. Ruby Track

This course was sloppy in the beginning. By this comment I mean that the html coding wasn't carried over from one exercise to the next for the first few lessons. This eventually gets corrected.

The big difference between the HTML/CSS track versus the Ruby track is that HTML/CSS we're given a lot of instruction so it was more like a guidebook. Ruby was more problem solving. The difference maybe the difference between front-end and back-end. Where the former is about design and how the user interacts with a website, while the latter is about how the website/application functions where the user doesn't see it.

Switching between these two tracks made me realize a truth, use it or lose it. Going back to the QA forums I don't even understand the answers I provided a month ago. The syntax memorization is just not there, but the thankfully the logic is. In the end I believe that is what matters more. A language only helps you complete the task and you can always pick another language to complete the same task. Now, the logic behind it is irreplacable. The way a programmer has to think is carried over no matter which language they choose to write in.

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