Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Fundamentals of Failure

A little more than two weeks ago I took the App Academy Coding Challenge. Let me tell you, it kicked my butt. 1 hour to finish 3 questions and I was only half way through the 2nd question when time was up. Defeated.

It's important to know why failure sucks. It brings us back to reality.

  • That thing you thought you were really good at? => NOPE!! YOU SUCK!
  • Your Confidence => DEMOLISHED
  • Your Self Worth => DEMOTED
  • Your Motivation => DEFLATED

I like to point out that last one because it's not a bad thing. Yes, right after failing you feel all of these things. Like you were King of the Mountain conquering CodeAcademy's lessons then the bully from App Academy came over and KICKED YOU OFF THE MOUNTAIN!


Now what to do with yourself? This is the important fork in the road. Give Up? Or Try Again? This is the point where we separate the Wannabes from the Doerbes.

Wannabes – Oh how they want and want. They think about all the things they can accomplish and all their potential while only realizing a fraction of it. This dreams of things, but when it comes time to put in the hard work they back down, or when they meet their first obstacle or defeat they give up. I feel that most people are Wannabes because it's easy to just want things, but few ever turn into Doerbes.

Doerbes – While Wannabes want and want, Doerbes tries and tries. I picture them as an inventor, struggling after many failures to earn success. A Doerbe is characterized by their continuous efforts even after initial failure(s).

I took a fairly long break from coding, but I'm getting back to it. I also received some major news in the past few days that I will share in the future.

Now, lets get back to coding.  

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