Saturday, April 26, 2014

Google's Making Sense Of Data = Fusion Table Tutorial?

Finished all 3 units of Google's Making Sense of Data course today. It took about a week to finish without doing the final projects.

What I was expecting: Introduction to data science and learning statistical methods.

What I got: Introduction on how to read graphs, empirical research, and Fusion Table.

This was a super basic course. I wouldn't recommend to anyone that has taken basic stats already. This course really acts as a tutorial for Fusion Tables, a Google product that's an extension of their Spreadsheet. Fusion Table feels clunky, but the I love how easy it was to visualize the data, I mean, we even get heat maps. =D

I like how they UI of the course probably better than the Edx course, but the layout is practically identical.

Gonna see if Andrew Ng's ML class has a stats prereq so I can start diving in and create that Singularity.

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